Since 1998 Hop Fencing Systems have been manufacturing and selling fencing. Hop Fencing Systems has a good name in our line of business and is known to be a leading supplier.
We work for several major clients in the Netherlands and abroad. We manufacture almost everything that has to do with fencing and gates. Special requests from our clients are made by our specialists at our main plant located in Barneveld, The Netherlands.
From March 2009 we took the process of coating into our own hands. This makes it possible for us to meet your expectations and improve delivery times. We always have standard products in stock ready to coat.
In addition to standard products many clients come to us, because they are looking for a total solution, especially for specially made more bespoke products and innovative solutions. People look at Hop Fencing Systems and they see a reliable and safe partner.

With Hop Fencing Systems:
  • Being trustworthy is one our main goals every day;
  • Delivery periods are short, because our lead production time is short;
  • Innovation is a must, not a wish;
  • Quality is constantly checked.

Because of the above properties we are a quality partner not to be passed by!

Core values

Hop Fencing Systems has five main core values. These values are the guiding principles with which our employees take their responsibility, make their choices and decisions.

Result and Quality

Above all to high priority is given to ensure the satisfaction of all customers. To act upon what is agreed on, because: a deal is a deal.


Clarity is number one. Open honest approach to the work that is to be done is a must.
Clear lines of communication are very important.


Accurate knowledge of the line of business in which the customers operate is a must.

Investing in our people and customers

We are a company which keeps on learning. A lot of time is spent investing in our people and customers. Involvement is key to learning the wishes of our staff and customers so that comment and feedback is given serious attention.

Christian values

You can address us concerning dedication and honesty. We don’t work on Sunday.